A Booster member will be in charge of managing the band uniforms each year. A committee of two or three assistants will be needed to help fit band students in available uniforms that will be altered or hemmed as necessary. After Band Camp students will be notified of Uniform Fitting Day. Further fitting adjustments may be necessary before the end of the school year. Each band member is fitted and assigned a marching uniform and concert tuxedo/dress.

The uniforms (marching and concert) are stored in the Band Room. Students are not permitted to take them home.  There is a $40.00 uniform fee, per year, which is included in the Band Camp fee money.  The fee is used for the cleaning of the uniforms.

If a student finds aproblem with their uniform (snap, button, dirt or a hem coming loose)  are to write their problem on the “sheet” inside the door of the uniform room.  If it not get written down, it won’t get fixed.

Marching Season

Band Members are required to have black marching shoes, which can be purchased from Mr. Roemer, and black socks.

Summer Uniform consists of Band Polo (that is purchased from Mr. Roemer),  and khaki pants (provide your own - no shorts, capris, or cargo pants).

Students will need to bring a check (Payable to Ross Band) to cover the cost of ordering Black Shoes. They will also need to purchase white Gloves and a Garment Bag from Mr. Roemer at this time. One check is needed for the shoes (about $35). Another check is needed for the other supplies (garment bag- around $15 and gloves $3-$5). These prices may vary, and students will be notified about the exact cost of these items. Beginning in 2004 the Ross Band Boosters have provided funds for band rain parkas. The band will use these during inclement weather.

Parkas are kept in the band room and are not permitted to be taken home.

Concert Season

Male students need to purchase a tuxedo shirt.  Black shoes are to be worn for concerts

Female students are to wear black shoes with the concert dresses.  The pearl necklaces are provided.


Band Fees and Expenses:

Participation Fee- Determined by Ross Local (This needs to be a separate check payable to Ross Local Schools)

Uniform Items-(These items-if ordered-need to have a check payable to Ross High School Band or cash)  The prices for these items vary each year and current prices will be posted in the bandroom.

  • Black Marching Shoes (winds and percussion only, not color guard)
  • Gloves (only for wind players, no percussion or color guard)
  • Garment Bag (everyone must have one, but you can buy one elsewhere)
  • Black Socks (provide your own)-not color guard
  • Summer Uniform Polo 
  • Long Khaki pants (summer uniform) (provide your own)