Ross Band Families

  • Fudge Sale: We want to thank all of the wonderful people, both students and adults, that volunteered to make the fudge for our annual fudge sale. Your time, and definitely your efforts were much appreciated. We could not have done it without your help. This is one of the biggest fundraiser the Band Boosters have and it takes a lot of work. A special than you to fudge chairpersons; Rick Giuliano and Diann & Rick Bielefeld for all their work organizing the fudge sale.
  • Booster Officer Elections: And the nominees are....President: Mary Ann Henninger and Treasurer: Gary Steelman. Elections will be held at the next Band Boosters' meeting (April 5). If you would like to include your name and run for one of these office positions, please attend the meeting.
  • High School Color Guard Auditions: The dates for the high school guard auditions will be from April 12-15th. We will teach the audition material April 12-14th from 5pm-7:30pm. We will meet in the high school band room. The audition day will be April 15th starting at 3pm until the end. Officer auditions will be immediately following the team auditions on the 15th. Info packets will be available mid-March. This audition is available to all current high school students as well as current 8th graders (as they will be incoming freshman next school year). Any student transferring into the district and wishing to audition may contact Mr. Roemer or Ms. Mills  in order to be more informed as to the requirements of the program at Ross. Please contact Mrs. Mills at with questions.

Ross Band Families

Good Morning Ross Band Families,
It's official....  The Booster officer positions we are looking to fill for next school year are President and Treasurer.
If you are interested in running for either of these positions please plan to attend the March 1st Band Boosters' meeting @ 7pm.  If you need information about these positions please explore the website below or you can reply to this email with questions.
We are also still looking to form a nominating committee to help seek out candidates for the two officer positions.  If you would like to be a part of the nominating committee, please respond to this email as soon as possible.
Fudge News
This Saturday (Feb. 12) is fudge making day and many volunteers are needed to make the fudge.  Please contact Rick Giuliano at or contact Diann Bielefeld .  You don't have to commit to working all day - you can help as much or as little as your schedule allows.

Dear Ross Families

FUDGE SALE: The fudge sale is well underway. If you are interested in purchasing delicious home-made fudge, just see any Ross Band member, 5th thru 12th grade, to put in an order. The band is selling peanut butter and chocolate fudge for $5.00 per pound. All orders need to be turned into your child's band director by January 26th. The fudge making day is set for Saturday, February 12th beginning at 8:00am in the high school's home economics room. Many volunteers are needed to help make the fudge. You can help as much or as little as your schedule allows. Please contact Rick Giuliano or Diann Bielefeld, there number is available in your Band Members Directory, if you can help, so they can let you know what to bring and where to enter the high school that morning. Fudge orders will be delivered on Feb. 14th and all money will be due Feb. 28th.


The Band Savings Cards are now available for $5.00 each with discounts at many local businesses. These discounts will be good for all of 2011. You can use this card as much as you like. Look for these cards at some of the RHS home basketball games. You can also purchase cards from Mr. Roemer at the high school or from Ms. McDonough at the middle school. They will also be available in the offices of Elda and Morgan School. If you have any questions about the cards or if you would like to sell cards, please contact Sharon Henggeler, her number is in your Band Members Directory.

Leadership Postions & Booster Nominating Committee:

The Band Boosters will be looking for new leadership for the next school year. Two or three leadership positions will need to be filled; Treasurer, President, and possibly Vice-President. More information about what positions will need to be filled will be decided at the February Band Boosters' meeting. If you are interested in running for one of these offices or if you would like to be a part of the nominating committee, please come to the next booster meeting on February 1st. A nominating committee will be formed at this meeting. Refer to the "Booster Officer Roles"  to view the job descriptions of these booster officer positions. Also, keep in mind that several parents who are currently committee chairs are senior parents and they won't be here next school year. Please consider becoming a chairperson or co-chairperson of a committee, or a fundraiser. More information about chairperson vacancies will be coming in the future.

Ross Band Families

Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Band Savings Cards: The band savings cards are in , and will be available for sale at all the upcoming band concerts and a selected number of home varsity basketball games. If you would like to help sell them, please contact Sharon Henggeler (her number can be found in the student directory). The band savings cards will be available for $5.00 each with discounts at many local businesses. These discounts will be good for all of 2011. You can use this card as much as you like.
  • Entertainment Books: The so11 Entertainment books have arrived. The cost is $25.00. Books are available from Mr. Roemer at RHS, Diann Bielefeld at RMS, Roxanne Stapleton at Elda and Sharon Morissey at Morgan.
  • Ross Rams Logo Mats: The mats are available rom Mr. Roemer in the high school band room. the mats sell for $20.00 each while supplies last.

December Concerts:

  • Dec. 16th-5th grade band, 6th grade band and the 7th & 8th grade band beginning at 6:30pm
  • Dec. 18th-Jazz Band perfoms at the Cincinnati Museum Center at 2:45pm
  • Dec. 21st-RHS Concert band and Jazz Band beginning at 7pm; Band members be sure to have a white tux shirt and black dress shoes (boys) and black dress shoes (girls). Trumpet players will need a Straight Cup and a Harmon Mute. (Please bring a canned food item to donate at the RHS Concert)