2016-2017 Ross High School Band Officers

Introducing......  The 2016-2017 Band Officers.

  • Drum Majors:   Eric Dietrich, Andrea Kaufhold, & Lauren Schwab
  • President:   Justin Bolin
  • Vice President:   Brandon Armstrong
  • Secretary:  Emma Trout
  • Historian:  Marylynn Koons
  • Quartermasters:   Spencer Wallace, Derek Johnson, Abby McCracken, & Andy Davis
  • Librarians:   Hope Cornelius, & Katelin Rousch
  • Freshman Rep:   To Be Announced at Band Camp
  • Sophomore Rep:   Anna Bagley
  • Junior Rep:   Sara McKee
  • Senior Rep:   Nathan Hoeweller
  • Color Guard Head Captain:   Charlotte Cameron
  • Color Guard Flag Captain:   Stephanie Wyatt
  • Color Guard Weapon Captain:   Serenity Newman