Khaki Pants for the Summer Uniform

Hi Ross High School Band Families,

A decision has been made about the pants needed to complete the high school band's summer uniform.

We need each band and guard member to have their own pair of pants to wear with their maroon band shirt that they will receive later in the month. The shirt will cost $23 and can be used each year your child is in band. You may want to defer the shirt cost with the upcoming "Frozen Food Fundraiser" that will begin next Thursday - more info to come. The following is the criteria we need in the pants:

Full length plain cotton twill (medium colored Khaki) pants - NO shorts or crop pants - NO carpenter or cargo style pants.

Students will wear these pants with their uniform shirt tucked in and their marching band shoes.

You can visit the Lands End website below to order pants or try our local Sears store for Lands End merchandise. You can also shop at other local stores to match the Lands End style as much as possible. You can find similar styles in Dockers or Dickies brand pants. We want the band to look as much the same as possible, so please view the Lands End pants to try to match the style and color.

Lands End Site

After you arrive at the site for boys - click on the MENS tab, then in categories click on pants, then click on MEN'S PLAIN FRONT CHINO PANTS in DESERT KHAKI.

After you arrive at the site for girls - click on the WOMENS tab, then in categories click on pants, then scroll down to WOMEN'S CLASSIC STRAIGHT BOOT CUT CHINO PANTS in DESERT KHAKI.

Students will need these pants by Aug. 24th, so please shop early.