2011 Solo and Ensemble

Congratulations to the members that competed in OMEA Solo and Ensemble!
Solos receiving a Superior rating:
  • Joey Kohlman – 2 solos
  • John Dougherty – 3 solos
  • Eric Henggeler – 2 solos
  • Josh Lierer – 2 solos
  • Curstin Colebank
  • Allison Dougherty
  • Cody Wheeler
  • Clay Stevens
Solos receiving an Excellent rating:
  • Eric Henggeler
  • Sarah Walker
Ensemble members receiving a Superior rating:
  • Kristen Glore, Olivia Wallace, Sarah Walker – Woodwind Trio
  • Eric Davis, Lucas Stapleton, Josh Love – Trumpet Trio
  • Lindsey Delaney, Justin Keith, Nick Schoultheis, Curstin Colebank, Eric Henggeler, Josh
  • Lierer, Rachel Lutow, John Dougherty, Jordan Colebank, Jacob Lutow, Neil Dierking,
  • Neil Roesch, Robbie Meadows, Dalton Helton. – Percussion Ensemble.
Ensemble members receiving an Excellent rating:
  • Braydn Landrum, Chris Sigmon, Brendan Fackey, Sam Low – Sax Quartet.