First Football Game

Friday, August 27th is Ross' first football game of the season, all band/guard members need to report to the band room by 6pm. This is also the first night for 3rd quarter hospitality. All Senior band members are responsible for donating toward hospitality this Friday. Hospitality Area Rules **Important-please read**

The hospitality set up will be, once again, in the lawn area NE of the football stands-near where the Ross Township life squad parks. The gate to this area will remain closed until the beginning of the 3rd quarter, when it will be opened for band/guard members, their parents, and alumni band members only. The treats and drinks are for band/guard members only. Everyone will need to clear the area by the end of the 3rd quarter and then the gate will be closed. Also, only parents who are signed up for pit crew are permitted in the band stand area on the football field. These rules are in place for safety reasons, the athletic department and school administration do not want crowds of people in these areas.

Please spread the word about the rules, especially to alumni band members. If you are signed up to work pit/prop crew or hospitality-you have permission to enter this area earlier, just be sure to wear your badge.