Information on Parents Night at Band Camp

We are still in need of drivers for Tag Day on August 28th. There will be an opportunity to sign up for Tag Day before and after the band performance. Please see Jeff Delaney or Ron Asher to sign up. We will also be offering the Ross High School Band of Class "Through Darkened Sleepy Hollow" shirts to purchase before and after the band performance. This order offer is for parents, siblings, relatives and any one wanting to support the Ross High School Band. Please note that there will only be one order this year and all the band members have already ordered their shirts.  Please see Jeff Delaney to order or you may click on the link below to print the order form and return to Mr. Roemer by August 6, 2010. (Checks Made Payable to: Ross High School Band)

"Through Darkened Sleepy Hollow T-Shirt order