We have a strong booster organization for the Ross Bands and Color Guard. We continue to grow each year, adding new ideas for assisting our directors, offering help to our children, and fundraising to allow for more trips and recognition for the band. The Ross High School Marching Band participates in Disney World, Florida, and in Washington, D.C. The Ross Band Boosters have four offices: President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer. Booster meetings are generally scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise decided upon by the membership. There will be meetings each month, except December, June, & July when there is no meeting. Meetings are held in the high school band room at 7:00 pm.

Booster Officer Roles:

President: Presides over 9 regular Booster meetings and may call executive sessions when necessary; provides necessary assistance at band camp; orders pizza for band camp; helps when needed through the year.

Vice President: Presides over meetings in the absence of the president; is responsible for obtaining chaperones for band camp and bus trips; finds volunteer nurse for bus trips and band camp. Organize volunteers to work the pit crew, if one is needed.

Secretary:  Takes minutes at each meeting, posts them with the treasurers report to the website, and reports these notes to the Boosters at the next meeting; sends Thank-you cards and other communication to members and families.

Treasurer:  Collects, records, & deposits all monies taken in by the Boosters; writes checks for all expenditures; keeps track of Certificates of Deposits; reports to the membership each month. The Treasurer, with the assistance of the President &/or Vice President, will verify the books for auditing purposes.

Additional Booster Roles:

Membership:  The Boosters have a Membership Chairman who contacts area businesses, seeking support for the band. The Membership Chairman also collects membership money from parents & band supporters. There are several levels of membership, depending on the donation received. (Single, Family, Patron, Maroon & Gold, Maroon & Gold Supreme, and Corporate.)

Chaperones / Pit Crew:  Chaperones and or Pit Crew are needed for band camp and for bus trips. They are needed to keep order & to ensure safety on the buses and at other schools. Chaperones also assist with sickness, uniform problems, and other needs of the students. They help serve drinks to the students after performances.

Printing Concert Programs:  The Boosters have taken on the job of printing concert programs for the high school and middle school concerts. It is cheaper to do this at the school than to pay a printer to do it. The cost to the Boosters is for paper. We will also print a list of band members, in score order, and the current Booster membership is also listed.

Newsletter/ Emails:  Each month the Ross High School Band Newsletter will be posted on the website and  e-mailed to parents. It will also be available on the Ross High School & Middle School's electronic newsletter. It includes information about upcoming events and other things happening with the Boosters and the band.  (Please be advised that we do not sell email addresses, we will keep all email addresses confidential.)

Band Banquet: The annual Band Banquet and Awards will take place in May in the Ross High School cafeteria. An awards assembly will follow. Tickets go on sale in advance. This evening gives parents and students the opportunity to celebrate the band's success and accomplishments during the school year.  Please see the calendar for this years date.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Flickr:  The boosters and directors operate these forms of communications for the bands overall.  Each can be accessed from the website.