• August 24th   Badin  - Seniors
  • September 7th   Western Brown HOMECOMING  - Juniors
  • September 14th Harrison Senior night & Future Ram Band night  - Freshman
  • September 28th  Edgewood Alumni night  - Sophomores
  • October 26th Talawanda Halloween Dress  - Juniors & Sophomores (1 dozen each)

Please have your student bring 2-3 dozens of a snack for their assigned grade on the assigned date.  We always welcome healthy snacks and would ask that you create individualized servings if you make cookies or brownies, or if you want to send in carrots, apple slices, grapes, etc. Your student may bring the snack to school in the morning if it does not need refrigeration, or they may bring their snack when they come to the band room before the game.  If you have any questions please contact Helen Koons at 513-738-0459  or Krista Rousch 513-290-3300 (and leave a message, we will return your call). Thank you!

** We have nut allergies so please do not send anything in with nuts or made in a plant that has nuts (warnings appear under ingredients on the package).  Examples of snacks:

Salty snacks:
• Cheetos
• Roasted Chickpeas
• Skinny Pop Popcorn
• Crackers (Wheat Thins, plain Triscuits, Goldfish)
• Pretzels (Newman’s Own, Rold Gold, Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Goldfish)
• Rice cakes
• Goldfish/Cheddar bunnies
• Wise Snacks Potato Chips, Popcorn, Cheez Doodles
• Potato chips (popchips, Baked Lay’s, Cape Cod,  Pringles, Ruffles, Kettle Brand)
• Late July Organic Tortilla Chips
• Pirate’s Booty

Sweet snacks:
• Graham cracker
• Teddy grahams
• Enjoy Life Brownie Mix
• Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Nilla wafers
• Fruit leather (homemade or store bought)
• Fruit snacks
• Fruit-flavored candy (Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers, Jolly Ranchers, Dum Dum Pops)
• Oreos
• MadeGood Granola Bars
• MadeGood Crispy Squares (chocolate chip or vanilla)
• Rice Krispy Treats
• Hershey Chocolate Kisses (plain and special dark)
• Fig Newtons
• Fresh fruits (apples, oranges, banana, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, pear, kiwi, blueberries, etc.)
• Fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, broccoli florets, bell pepper strips, cherry tomatoes)
• Applesauce cup or pouch
• Raisins
• Dried Fruit